If you want to make the most out of the advice from your jeweler regarding which engagement ring is worth investing in, make sure to ask the following important questions before entrusting them with your purchase. 

Will the engagement ring be evenly positioned with the wedding band? 

You should know this. It’s extremely important to have a ring particularly designed and handcrafted by a master jewelry designer. Nearly all rings can be made to perfectly suit a wedding ring. It just depends on the designer’s skill. Ensure that it’s drawn in 3D for you before you have it made.? 

Where was the ring made? 

Are their rings made overseas or locally-made? Not only do rings that are handmade and locally manufactured have better quality, but they also tend to last longer. An expert jeweler is someone who dedicated their entire lives just to perfect the art and skill of jewelry making. The piece’s quality made by an expert jeweler is way superior compared to mass-produced rings. Most of the rings manufactured overseas have lightweight manufacturing designs and aren’t made to stand the test of time.? 

Do your rings come with free of charge expert cleaning? 

A lot of jewelers have ultrasonic machines that are particularly made to make sure that your rings are always clean. These machines stir the dirt out from all the places that are difficult to reach. This service must be given for free after you buy your jewelry from them.? 

How long have you been in the industry? 

Legacy and longevity in a business are key in establishing trust and credibility. Search for a jewelry store that has been quite more than or around 10 years since they operated in the industry. It’s been recognized that jewelry stores come and go. A warranty will be useless when the business isn’t around to do services for you in the first place.? 

Where do you get your diamonds? 

Belgian and Russian diamond cutters are the best in the entire world. Though they typically cost a bit more, they tend to sparkle more compared to other types. When you want to compare apples with apples, you should know where the diamond was sourced.? 

What warranties do you provide? 

Any trusted jewelry dealer like?https://www.blackwelljewellers.co.uk/?must be able to take pride in their work’s quality. The best dealers can offer you the peace of mind you want by giving you a lifetime manufacturing warranty.? 

What happens when a stone comes loose or falls out? 

When a minor stone unexpectedly falls out without any clear reason, a lot of reliable jewelry dealers are willing to change the stone for free. When it comes to manufactured jewelry, it’s commonly apparent why a stone has fallen out. When it’s not because of wear and tear, then the stone must be replaced for free. 

If you ask these questions to your preferred jeweler, you can guarantee that you’ll get a long-lasting and high-quality engagement or even wedding rings.?