Michael was born on March 12, 1973 and realized early that his calling was entertainment. Michael began a flourishing musical career at the tender age of 13 and performed his first professional show at the age of 15. By the time Michael had turned 18 he had performed hundreds of shows around town becoming somewhat of a legend on the local music circuit. Michael was introduced to magic at the age of 12 and learned numerous card tricks to amaze his friends, little did he know what was to come. 

With over 2 decades invested in the entertainment industry,  Michael has gained the experience needed to ensure maximum performance at every event. From festivals and fairs to cruises and casinos, Michael has proven time and time again that he truly is in a class all his own.

Michael is a seasoned professional who puts forth the energy and charisma needed to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, from hypnotic hilarity, to fully staged extravaganzas, you never know what to expect while attending a performance. Custom tailored performances themed to fit your event are sure to guarantee satisfaction. The hysterical comedy magic incorporated into the performance adds the final touch, which truly separates Michael from the competition. When only the best will do for your event, feel confident that with Michael on your side, your special event is sure to be a hit!

From live productions and entertainment to screenwriting and movie production, Michael has succeeded at it all. Throughout Michael's career he has become an accomplished musician, Master Hypnotist, Master Magician, screenwriter, producer, director and film maker. Michael has the unique ability to master any trade quickly, something most individuals lack the ability to do. Early in his life Michael was an electrical lead man on multi billion dollar projects. He also was as a retail store general manager for a high grossing computer retail store. These two tasks were accomplished by the time Michael was 20 years of age.

Michael is / has been a member of the following organizations:

International Magicians Society

International Brotherhood of Magicians

International Master Magicians Alliance

Society of American Magicians

Master Magicians Inner Circle

National Guild of Hypnotists

American Board of Hypnotherapy

International Hypnotists Association





Fact: The Unknown Hypnotist was born on KI Sawyer Air Force Base, MI


Fact: Gianni weighed over 8 pounds  when he was born on March 12, 1973


Fact: Gianni loves to ride roller coasters


Fact: Gianni also plays the guitar


Fact: Gianni currently lives in Surprise, AZ


Fact: Gianni likes to snowboard


Fact: Gianni is an award winning film maker







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