One way to indulge yourself in a good cleaning experience is to make a list of things to do before you start your cleaning project. It may seem a tedious task however it makes everything easier to do. More than that, tasks that seem small are also more difficult to forget thus resulting to a better and more systematic cleaning experience. 

However, before you make a checklist, here are some things you need to consider to make your cleaning project lighter and livelier to do. 

1. Music 

Music is a good way to ease into the mood of cleaning. Nope, you must not play something classical or that music you play when you are kind of stressed and want to relax, instead push the play button for the songs that will make you get up on your feet and dance. After doing this, for sure, it is easier to get the most basic clutter and organize the things that are easier to spot.  

2. Check the closets 

One helpful way to diminish clutter is through preventing it. If you are someone who is sentimental, I am pretty sure a lot of things are hidden in your closet. While you jam into the music playing in the background, make your way to your closet and sort it out. Pack the things you no longer use and segregate those into boxes. Label your boxes for donation or for waste. Through his, you will have lesser chances of having a very cluttered room in the future given there is no more clutter to have around.  

3. Dust away 

A cloth will do the trick. If you have been a vacuum person for many years, I know you are aware that it doesn’t really does the job very well. Even if your vacuum is your best friend and you swear by it, I am aware that you know how some dusts are still present in your counters after vacuuming your whole house. Having a microfiber cloth comes in handy whenever you have counter tops that are sty even after vacuuming the whole place. This tool may be small and flimsy but it sure does the job given you make an effort and you look into the details of your home’s corners. 

4. Vacuum everything 

If you have been vacuuming every day, I hope you are aware that the bag or the compartment in your vacuum needs to be cleaned out after. Sometimes or most of the time, this is a step that is often disregarded or forgotten. Yes, you have vacuumed the whole house however given that you forgot to clean the compartment out, your vacuum may not be doing its job at its optimum because you have not cleaned its compartment out.  

5. Mop the floors  

Vacuum leaves some dust behind even if you do it more than once. Through mopping your floors, the dust left behind by the vacuum can be taken care of. This will also help maintain your flooring at home, giving it a shinier look! 

Now that you know the things you should consider before you go on and make a checklist for each area in your home, I hope you have a better cleaning experience! 

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