Who do prestigious organizations turn to when they need quality entertainment? Gianni, that's who. Forming Nitefire Entertainment in 1987, Gianni has over 2 decades of crucial experience within the entertainment industry and has the experience needed to ensure success at every event.

Gianni's hypnotic stage show has been booked in prestigious venue across the country and around the world.


HYPNOSIS is a normal & natural state of awareness, which most if not all people experience on a daily basis. Hypnosis  is often referred to as an "altered state of consciousness". Many "altered states" are naturally attained through normal functions & processes of the human mind and body. Other examples of "altered states" are sleeping & dreaming. As we drift off and enter the Sleep State, we pass through the state of awareness known as HYPNOSIS, as we do just prior to awakening each day. The state known as HYPNOSIS can be explained using standard psychological principles, although debate continues regarding a universally accepted definition. We like to define hypnosis as a natural state of awareness dominated by the subconscious section of the mind.

The state of mind known as HYPNOSIS is characterized by heightened suggestibility, or non-critical acceptance of information. In a therapeutic situation, once this state of awareness has been achieved by an individual, positive changes regarding limiting belief systems, thinking processes, attitudes, perspectives and emotions may be readily attained. HYPNOSIS, therefore, is often times a very effective tool utilized by people to realize their full potential in areas of their choosing. HYPNOSIS is also used in the entertainment industry to create memorable stage shows.

Our conscious mind or awareness, sometimes known as our "waking mind", it is the portion of our mind that we access to analyze things with. This is generally referred to as critical thought. All action begins with a thought. The brain does not send messages to other parts of the body until it is told what to do by a thought. When we remove the analytical process from our thinking, as we do when we are in a state of HYPNOSIS, our subconscious mind is open to redirect information so that it may empower us in our actions & behaviors. HYPNOSIS is a very valuable aid in assisting us in removing undesired mental & emotional obstacles that have limited us in achieving our personal needs, goals, wants and desires. 

Evidence of the HYPNOTIC State varies from person to person, although most report feelings of deep relaxation & peacefulness, in both mind and body. The human body stores vast amounts of energy, and sometimes this energy becomes bound and trapped in certain areas, tissues, muscles & cells. By relaxing our muscles (as we do when in HYPNOSIS), we can release this energy into other parts of our bodies and channel it with a new and empowering identity; to effect positive physical, mental and emotional change.

Here are some commonly asked questions about hypnosis.

Question: Will I know what is going on if I am hypnotized? 

Answer: Yes. At no time does an individual in hypnosis lose consciousness or awareness. You are not "asleep".

Question: How do I learn to hypnotize others? 

Answer: We would suggest going to your local library and studying hypnosis in general. Once you have a good understanding of what hypnosis is and the uses and dangers involved with hypnosis then obtain one on one training with a qualified hypnotist. Think of it this way, the people you hypnotize are placing their trust in the fact that you are qualified and know what you're doing. If you do not know what you're doing or don't take the use of hypnosis seriously you could damage the psychological well being of these individuals. 

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