“Since you’ve been here I can say I have seen the best show in the country, and I mean that. You have drawn record audiences at the Ford Pavilion Stage here at the New Mexico State Fair and they seem to grow every year. We’ll definitely hire you again and again! I highly recommend your act!”


“This is the best show I’ve seen yet! Spectacular job, you’ll be back.”


I can't believe it, you stopped the Fiesta Bowl Block Party Parade with your show! Can you say success! You drew in a crowd in the tens of thousands like a real pro. Your show just keeps getting better and better, we'll see you again next year!


“I don’t think we can ever top your show. Your performances here were magnificent, thank you!”


“You are always a leading attraction; your fan base seems to increase with every year. By popular demand we are having Gianni back. Gianni is and have been our largest draw and he put on an incredible show.”


"I will NEVER forget the show, and I am looking forward to having you perform once again!" 

Dennis Harris * President NALC Br. 5850

"This has been the best Festival we ever had because you were here. You have out-headlined our headlining entertainment! Plan on coming back here again next year!" 

Troy Heistand * Festival Entertainment Chairman

"Wow - how did you do that? People haven't stopped talking about your show from last year. You were the hit of the entire festival, and I am sure you will be again this year." 

Bruce Clark * KLBC TV2 The Morning Show

"Your show is better than ever - you always deliver the best. I never have to worry when I hire you! You've served us well." 

Terri Garcia * Allied Signal Aerospace

"This was a terrific performance. Thank you so much for coming and entertaining our group for the holiday event!"

Debra Rose * Henningsens Cold Storage

"I don't know what we are going to do for our event next year...we will never be able to top your show, it was fantastic. You satisfied a crowd of over 1000 people."

Judy Brown * DHL International

"Once again your show was the highlight of our Project Graduation...the graduates are still talking about it. Next year...You're the BEST!" 

  Jan Kealy * Saint Mary High School

"You are the greatest. Thank you so much for coming again this year. We will certainly call you again next year." 

Barbara Hackbarth * Tempe High School

"Your show is a riot...and extremely professional. I was a skeptic at first, until you had my own family and friends on stage as volunteers. Your show is great & always different!" 

Ron Kempkers * Rockin' Horse Nightclub

"The house is packed...when will you be coming back again?"

Shari Miller * Millers Hide-A-Way Nightclub

"Your show is the best thing I have ever seen...when will you be coming back to our state again?"

Debbie Muegerl * Hot Rocks Nightclub


I booked Gianni “The Unknown Hypnotist” at Mazatzal Casino December 2, 2000.

I cannot rave enough about the act.

First off, everything that was said to me about the act during our negotiations was right on the money! How often does that happen? It was hypnotism, comedy and just a full evening of comedy all the way around.

Michael Giannantonio (Gianni) adapted to our entertainment room with no problems at all. Set up was technical on his part because of all the different things which happen during his act and no problems occurred during set up, rehearsals, show time or post show. Michael and his crew breezed through it. Actually, it was quite interesting to see everything take shape. While setting things up on stage I was wondering how it would function during the show.

The entire show was professional. From the costumes to the music and the interaction with the crowd, it was truly a Las Vegas Show right here in Payson Arizona!

The best thing was hearing the comments from the patrons afterwards. What was often said was “This was the best show you’ve EVER had, when are they coming back!”

The audience was laughing and applauding throughout the entire show. You can tell Michael is a top notch professional with many years of experience. The thing that gets me is that you can tell how much he enjoys what he is doing. To see that type of passion in an entertainer is a rare thing.

Bottom line: We had a great bottom line. The crowd loved Gianni. I’ll have him back again and again!

Marc Kaplan

Director of Marketing



I have been booking entertainment for our annual Cornfest festival for the past ten years. Our festival averages 30,000+ patrons in just 2 days of operation. I try to book new and exciting entertainment every year. The only practical way to view such entertainment is through promotional packets and/or video tapes.

 In 1997, I was approached by an agency about the aspect of booking “Gianni – The Unknown Hypnotist” for our 1998 Cornfest. I was reluctant at first to explore the possibility however, I agreed to view their promotional materials which were promptly sent. To make a long story short, Michael Giannantonio, (Gianni) has been performing at Cornfest every year since and remains our NUMBER ONE ATTRACTION.  If it were not for the professional attitudes of Michael and his staff and outstanding promotional materials, I would have never considered him.

 I work closely with many casinos and deal with numerous entertainment agencies across the country and I have yet to see an act that even comes close to topping this act. Michael Giannantonio has provided us with side splitting hypnosis stage shows,  major stage illusions, parlor and comedy magic and has even had seven thousand people on pins and needles during his signature patriotic presentation. I don’t know how he does it, every year he is able to top his performances from the previous year.

 In closing I would recommend Michael Giannantonio (Gianni) to anyone looking for quality entertainment. The entertainment provided by Gianni is nothing short of spectacular. I will book this act exclusively as long as he will agree to come to our annual Cornfest!


Troy Hiestand

Cornfest Entertainment Chair  


Greetings from Glendale Special Events! We want to thank you for your performance at the 2002 Glendale Hometown 4th of July Celebration. The Magical World of Gianni drew a large crowd to the Soleri Amphitheater at Glendale Community. Tens of thousands of people enjoyed the magical performance. Due to the extreme hot temperatures that day, you were successful at making needed adjustments to your performance. The performance ended with a special Patriotic Presentation that enhanced the 4th of July experience for participants.

 Thank you again for your performance and best of luck to you in the future!


Mary Brems

Glendale Special Events



Let me begin by saying THANK YOU! The show was such a hit. The Monday after the show, the entire office was talking about it. We received nothing but positive feedback about the show.

Everything went just as planned. You and your crew carried it off perfectly. I have had several inquiries about how to contact you from spouses of employees who attended and were blown away by the show. I've recommended you to several people this week alone.

We can't wait to see the video!

Thanks again,

Jessica Thurston

Fun Committee

American Express

Tax & Business Services


On behalf of the Arizona State Association of Letter Carriers, and the National Association of Letter Carriers of Branch 5850, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your participation in our 2001 Arizona State Convention, held in Bullhead City, AZ. on April 6th, and 7th, 2001.

Any successful convention is based on intellectual speakers, needed training, a desire amongst the delegates to participate, and a secret key that will both captivate, and hold their attention in the room and fill their imaginations so that we can forge forward in our shared endeavors.

The Unknown Hypnotist (Gianni) filled the need in our entertainment desires. I want to personally thank you for  one Terrific Performance!!! I knew that the entertainment portion of the convention was fulfilled, when within minutes of the start of the performance, I looked around to see more than 3/4ths of the room mesmerized by the show, and happy to see for the first time ever, NOT A SINGLE PERSON LEFT THE ROOM!!!

The performance exceeded our expectations, and I was delighted to hear many of the delegates spend the following days talking about the show and how delighted they were in the performance. I am still getting calls and personal thanks from the convention participants, and especially nice comments for the entertainment that was provided.

I will NEVER forget the show, and I am looking forward to having you perform once again.

Yours Truly,

Dennis Harris

President NALC Br. 5850

Executive Board Member A.S.A.L.C.



To whom it may concern;


I am writing this letter to let you know about the service I received from Michael Giannantonio.


On May 22, 1998 my Law Enforcement Explorer Post Hosted the Western Region Law Enforcement Exploring Conference. I contacted them in January of 1997, this was the first of many enjoyable conversations with them. They were helpful and fun to work with.


The show that was provided was "Dimensions" featuring the "Unknown Hypnotist". I personally enjoyed the show and like the way the audience was used. The day after the show I heard nothing but good comments about the show.


If I ever do this event again I will not hesitated to contact Michael again to see if the show is available.


Stephen Oppenheim

Deputy/Conference Chairman  


To whom it may concern:

On Wednesday, September, 26th, we were fortunate enough to have a school performance by " The Unknown Hypnotist." This is the third year that he has performed for us. The students and staff appreciate the suitable, family entertainment and look forward to his visits. Under the label of "The Unknown Hypnotist," Michael Giannantonio is very professional and extremely organized from the time of booking through the actual performance. As the Assistant Principal at Mohave High School, I would recommend this performance as great comedy relief when the opportunity presents itself.




Dave Kops

Mohave High School - Home of the Thunderbirds



RE: UNKNOWN HYPNOTIST (Michael Giannantonio)


Again, River Valley High School students were entertained by the wonderful performance of hypnotism by Master Hypnotist Gianni "The Unknown Hypnotist"..


During the past two years I have been principal, our students have enjoyed and participated in hypnotism during the week of Kiwanis "Cornfest". Our audience come away with delight and smiles on their faces as fellow students are hypnotized. This past year it was part of our Homecoming Week activities.


We are pleased that our school has the opportunity to be part of the "Unknown Hypnotist" and hope to continue this program in the years to come.


Thanks again from the administration, staff and student body of River Valley High School.


Richard Wray - Principal

River Valley High School


The Tempe High Grad Night 2002 Committee is looking forward to showcasing The Unknown Hypnotist (Gianni) show at Grad Night 2002 on May 30. The show has been the highlight of the party the last 2 years and we are pleased to make it a part of the festivities again this year.

Barb Quijada

Tempe High School Grad Night 2002 co-chair








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